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PA nurses hailed for hard work and compassionate care during National Nurses Week 

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HARRISBURG (May 6, 2015) - Pennsylvania nurses are on the frontline of the state's health care system, delivering high-quality, ethical, and compassionate care to thousands of sick Pennsylvanians every day. Between May 6 and 12, Americans celebrate National Nurses Week to recognize the critical role nurses play in our communities every day.

"There is no question that nurses make a difference on the job and in our neighborhoods every day," said Sandra Zubek, president of HealthCare-PSEA. "During National Nurses Week, we take a moment to say thank you to these hardworking individuals who often put their patients ahead of themselves and go above and beyond for their community."

Nurses provide education, guidance, and resources to patients and their families. They also play a key role in patient safety, coordination of care, and engagement with patients and their families. Medicare, recognizing that high-quality transitional care provided by RNs can reduce readmissions, is now covering certain care coordination services.

Zubek said that nurses are recognized and trusted leaders in their communities. An annual survey by Gallup found that nursing was ranked 13 years in a row as the top profession for honesty and ethical standards.

In Pennsylvania, there are many examples of nurses who go above and beyond for their patients and their communities, including Val Suter, a nurse at Somerset Hospital who volunteers several hours a month at the Somerset Community Clinic. At the clinic, Suter helps to provide preventive health care, regular checkups, screenings, and other care for low-income individuals, most lacking insurance. The services offered by the clinic through volunteers like Suter provide a vital lifeline for many of that area's residents.

"Val and the other volunteers at the clinic are a great example of how HealthCare-PSEA members are making a difference every day," Zubek said. "National Nurses Week is a time for us to celebrate all that nurses do to keep us healthy and safe. Their work saves lives every day."

This year's theme for National Nurses Week is "Ethical Practice, Quality Care," acknowledging the vital role of ethics in nursing and the high-quality care that nurses give their patients every day.

Zubek urged everyone during National Nurses Week to take a moment to thank the nurses and health care workers they know for their lifesaving work.