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Message from HealthCare-PSEA President Sandi Zubek

Hello members:

Hope everyone is doing well and that you enjoyed any time off this summer. Here are a few recent updates on our work throughout Pennsylvania:

1. I attended my first annual AFT-Healthcare conference in Chicago this May. HealthCare-PSEA was well-represented with three of our four local presidents, along with Indiana' vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.

Health care workers from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii attended. This was a very successful conference which focused only on health care - yeah!!

2. I have decided to try and get more involved with legislative issues. I want Health Care-PSEA to be out there, and to have input in healthcare issues. Terry Myers, member-at-large, will be working with Erika Brunelle, our government relations contact, to find and address legislation related to health care issues.

We will be working with bills dealing with patient-staff ratio and workplace violence. It's a good start and we will continue to keep on the issues affecting us.

3. A big reminder of how important it is TO HAVE A VOICE. We must keep SPEAKING UP to our employers and government. They are not going to help us unless we badger, harass, push and FORCE them into ACTION - no more lip service.

And finally, I want everyone to know that your Union is here to support you. If there are any issues or questions, contact one of your local officers and let them guide you to answers and/or action.

It won't be quick or easy but perseverance, loyalty, and hard work can make changes.

Thank you.

Sandi Zubek RN

We are the first line of patient advocacy after the patient him/herself