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Senate Bill 1081: The Hospital Nursing Staff Report Card Act

Senate Bill 1081, also known as "The Hospital Nursing Staff Report Card Act," would require Pennsylvania hospitals to compile and maintain daily reports in each patient care unit.  More »


HealthCare-PSEA celebrates National Nurses Week

Pennsylvania nurses are the bedrock of our health care system. They are the first ones patients encounter, and the people who provide high-quality, compassionate care day in and day out. HealthCare-PSEA is celebrating National Nurses Week May 6-12 by recognizing nurse members and the critical role they play in their communities.  More »


PSEA officers Oleksiak, McCracken, Askey begin new terms

PSEA President Jerry Oleksiak, Vice President Dolores McCracken, and Treasurer Rich Askey began two-year terms as officers on September 1.  More »


News Release: PA nurses hailed for hard work and compassionate care during National Nurses Week

Pennsylvania nurses are on the frontline of the state's health care system, delivering high-quality, ethical, and compassionate care to thousands of sick Pennsylvanians every day. Between May 6 and 12, Americans will celebrate National Nurses Week to recognize the critical role nurses play in our communities every day.  More »


Nursing staffing: Issues and solutions

As the national health care debate continues, many unresolved issues exist at the patient’s bedside that staff nurses encounter on a daily basis. Staffing shortages in hospitals in particular have a tremendous impact on the quality of care nurses struggle to provide.   More »


Subcontracting: What's it all about?

How can we reverse the trend of selling off our jobs? The fight against contracting out must be fought on multiple fronts, including internal union strategies, educating the public, and coalition building.  More »


Role Change

Nurses have always coordinated care, but now that it is a healthcare reform priority, they are taking on new roles.  More »


Video: What Health Care Reform Means for Workers and Patients

Check out five short videos from AFT Healthcare explaining how healthcare workers and patient care will be affected by the Affordable Care Act (aka "health reform").  More »


HealthCare-PSEA CEU Program for Nurses October 25

HealthCare-PSEA Director Janine Fiesta will host a free CEU program for nurses in New Castle, PA on October 25. Learn more and register online.  More »


Voter ID requirement delayed for November election

If you don't have a valid photo ID, your vote will still count on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6 thanks to the Commonwealth Court's ruling not to enforce Pennsylvania's voter ID law on Election Day.  More »


What is in YOUR Living Will?

Or, more importantly, do you have one? Studies of health care workers have found that a surprisingly large group of individuals have not executed a Living Will or any type of Advanced Directive for health care. When questioned as to why, the answers tend to mirror responses given when asked if they have a Last Will and Testament - “I haven’t gotten around to it,” or “I’m too young for that” rank as high responses, even among respondents in their 60s.  More »


Conference - The Evolving Role Of The Nurse In The New Health Care Delivery System

Note: This conference is postponed until Fall 2011. Thank you for your interest. Please contact jfiesta@psea.org with any questions.  More »


Advertorial: Unionized Nurses Lead the Way in Delivering Quality Patient Care

National Nurses Week, May 6-12, is a time to reflect on what nurses contribute to the health care profession each and every day.  More »


Nurses are number one, says Gallup

When it comes to honesty and ethics among working professionals, nurses are at the top. That's according to Gallup’s annual honesty and ethics survey. For the 11th year in a row, nurses have outranked every other profession in the survey.  More »


Health care workers facing workplace reforms

Now more than ever, health care workers need a union to protect their rights. That’s the message from HealthCare-PSEA leaders who say that health care workers are facing greater stress from corporate reforms.  More »


Nurses across the country continue to organize

Numbers of unionized nurses across the country continue to grow, allowing them to address a number of issues important to their jobs and careers.  More »


HealthCare-PSEA Face Backbreaking Work

For HealthCare-PSEA members who work in hospitals or health care facilities, the work can be backbreaking, literally. Each year thousands of health professionals are injured while manually lifting or working with patients.   More »


Charting Pitfalls

Any discussion of charting principles needs to begin with an understanding of the patient medical record and its purpose.  More »


Advertorial: Unionized health care professionals: an important voice in health care reform

If you are interested in a recession-proof job that is personally rewarding, consider a job in a community hospital or health care facility.  Registered nursing is the fastest-growing profession in the country, according to the U.S. Labor Department.  More »


Culture of Caring

"Taking the time to learn about cultures other than your own is not just the right thing to do, it will also improve patient safety."
- MARILYN JAFFE-RUIZ, professor of nursing, Pace University
  More »


Governor Rendell bans mandatory overtime for PA nurses

Patient care in Pennsylvania will be better protected as new legislation bans mandatory overtime for nurses.  More »


Professional Liability: A Growing Issue for Health Care Workers

Facing an increase in malpractice lawsuits and on the job responsibilities, nurses and their union advocates must be well-informed about the legal ramifications of the.  More »


Join HealthCare-PSEA

HealthCare-PSEA offers leadership, support and protection, and the chance to maintain dignity and high practice standards in your chosen profession. For more information about HealthCare-PSEA or to become a member, see your local association leader today, or call 800-944-PSEA.  More »


Nurses express mixed opinions on computerized records

Registered nurses are split on the impact on patient care of newly implemented electronic medical records and charting systems in their hospitals, according to the findings of the first national survey of nurses on computerized records. President Obama has strongly advocated computerized records systems to reduce medical errors and improve patient care.  More »